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I nodded dumbly in reply. I felt a slight prick of pain when he gave me an injection, but that was nothing compared to the toothache. Soon, miraculously, all pain disappeared. The anaesthetic definitely worked very quickly. Then before I knew it, the dentist told me that I could go.

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I looked at him quizzedly and he told me he had already pull the tooth out. What wonder, I did not even feel it. English Conversation. English Grammar. American Idioms. English Comprehension. English Summary. English News. Business Idioms. A visit to the dentist.

A Visit To The Dentist: How To Compose A Descriptive Essay

My tooth hurt through the night. The dentist put a wad of cotton over the wound and he told me to keep my mouth shut for a while. I nodded, smiled and went out into the waiting room where my mother was waiting for me. The visit to the dentist was not too bad after all. American Slang.

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Common English mistakes. Ancient Chinese stories. Junior English essays. Try to describe a funny experience. As I said, this is never pleasant, but sometimes funny things happen.

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Besides, some of your classmates can have a phobia for this and you describing pain and torture will not exactly help them. Try to maintain a breezy tone and don't get too serious when you write. Provide interesting details.

Everyone knows how a clinic looks, so there is no point in talking about this. Instead, you can discuss about something that they did not see before; maybe a new fascinating device that your physician is using? You can even write how the medicine smells and you thought that a certain mouthwash smells like hamburgers.

Introduce some medical terms here and there.

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This composition is supposed to be easy, but you can make sure that it will really help your classmates. They can learn something new from this, so why waste this chance? If you are talking about a medical condition that you had, try to explain it for them. Maybe it will be useful for them in the future. Talk about your first experience.