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Resources for. Giving Your donation will make a real difference to our community of researchers and students. How to give Giving Day Support students. Give now. Our priorities. There will be rules, so make sure you adhere to them. Your guidelines might specify margins, spacing, fonts, headings, the use of images not figures — pictures or Appendices. Similarly, you need to look at guidelines for whatever referencing system you operate within. Sometimes rules can be a surprise — for example I had to submit my thesis printed only single-sided.

You can create templates for documents in Microsoft Word that allow you to use the same set-up every time you set up a new document. The template was invaluable for me.

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I created each chapter as a separate document so that I could send my supervisor bits at a time without it becoming difficult to navigate, and it meant that I knew each chapter was formatted correctly so they could just be copied and pasted into a master thesis document. Pay attention to small details. I cannot stress this enough. If you have ever marked undergraduate work and bemoaned the lack of appropriate citations or the poor grammar, you will know how disheartening it is to read a piece of work that has clearly been rushed. You must not do this!

Get it right first time. Then your editing is much more simple: looking for typos, compiling contents pages, and proof-reading. I did it this way, and I was still hugely stressed.

That gives you a starting point. You need to add in days off if you are taking them , time for your supervisor to review chapters, days for redrafting, days for compiling contents pages, days for proof-reading. Set targets, and stick to them. It might be to write words, or to edit a section of your work, or to re-do a certain analysis. Not many differences are observed among the majors, although some exceptions are apparent.

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Economics, mathematics, and biostatistics had the lowest median page lengths, whereas anthropology, history, and political science had the highest median page lengths. This distinction makes sense given the nature of the disciplines. The maximum number of students that completed their dissertations for a single advisor since was eight.

http://coleslandlord.com/components/match/691-aquarius-february-17.php For those interested, the below code was used to create the plots. How long is the average dissertation? Well damn.

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I should trim some of that. Mine is not pages well there are of those at the moment but a webpage in Danish just to scare people off — smaller parts in English. And as far as I can see I have crossed 1TB now. Any idea if that is just ordinary or somekind of extreme? Hm, hard to say for the page length vs web page comparison since data storage is not comparable to text length. How long is an average PhD thesis? And the countdown begins Snapshot Serengeti.

This is great, thanks! Looks like I reflect your data perfectly. No complaints on being average here! Average dissertation and thesis length, take two — R is my friend. I hope that you will keep it up and we will have more informative and helping news from you.

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Academic Consulting and Editing. Yes, you can get them here. Interesting findings.

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  • In my experience in the UK we tend to go by word limit rather than number of pages. You have little freedom, the word limit is absolute and you cannot go over.

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    • Interesting and I have never heard of any limits on page lengths in the US. Same would apply if it was page length, of course. Of Dissertations and Monographs — John Laudun. Built-in Entry Bench — Poplar — raecreation.