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Annie Oakley felt that women should be able to shoot guns and to protect themselves. She thought that women should be able to be a part of performing society in a more dignified way than as characters that represent female sensuality and fragility. She tried to promote this by helping to teach women how to shoot and how to demand professionalism from their fellow performers and managers.

She demanded the same amount of hard work and professionalism from everyone with whom she worked, male or female. Oakley was a force in western arena performing. She has become so embedded in American history that she continues to influence people to this day. While it is easy to look at Annie Oakley and make her a feminist beacon, that would not be looking at Annie Oakley as a complete person. She did work hard to make a way for women to have an easier time in performing and shooting. This view is anti-feminist.

It was a conservative, traditional view of the time.

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Annie Oakley had success because of her conservative and traditional views. She challenged the societal order in a way that was not inflammatory. Oakley wore her hair down in a youthful way and wore long, conservative, Victorian clothing that was unassuming and respectful to society. This allowed her to be taken seriously. Oakley charmed everyone with her simplicity and modesty, including Queen Victoria.

Dressed in western costume and beating many a man in what was traditionally a masculine world, she intrigued young and old alike. A fundamentalist in religion, Oakley read the Bible throughout her life. She was never involved in the kind of scandal that plagued Buffalo Bill, and at least 18 orphan girls were educated through her generosity.

When Annie Oakley died on Nov. By then, any punched complimentary ticket--which looked as if it had holes shot through it--was called an "Annie Oakley. Whether or not she was the best lady shot in that epoch, she certainly was thought to be best; fact, fiction, and musical comedy have combined to make "Sharpshooter" an indelible adjunct to her name.

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By providing our essays, term papers, book reports, articles, and research papers we are proud to participate in your academic success. And the other one was deficient femininity, and that came from the kind of psychoanalytic domain, but what I found most interesting was talking to many of the women. After that, it became much more difficult to manage an equal partnership, and I think that is still true today. Could you say how you actually tracked these people down and what the motivation was?

Of the original 55 women who were interviewed in the 70s, we have found 36 to interview.

Miss Annie Oakley (Little Sure Shot)

The finding has involved quite a lot of detective work, going through, first of all, the NHS tracing system, but also using other means of locating women, and one of the irritating things about women is their habit of changing their names. Nigel Warburton: Did that raise any ethical problems? I know that with some social science research you have to go through approval committees in order to begin that kind of pursuit of individuals. I mean I think it was outrageous really, but of course, I know I behaved ethically, but not everybody would. Nigel Warburton: So, once you tracked them down, were they amazed that you wanted to speak to them again?

How Annie Oakley, “Princess of the West,” Preserved Her Ladylike Reputation

Ann Oakley: They were amazed. The main emphasis is on how these experiences get remembered. Actually it has drawn my attention to the fact that there is very little work on the sociology of memory.

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Were there special considerations about the interviewing? I mean and that is an extreme example, but I got lots of questions. It started a debate, which is very good. The point of these things is not to close a debate, but to open a debate.

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Well, you see, there was no guidance, I really felt as though I was kind of on my own here. Nigel Warburton: Your interviews were based around asking the same questions of each person, so, to some degree what you collected could be compared and given some kind of numerical quantification, is that what you, how you treated the data?